Finance Organization Assessment?

Are you challenged by the need to drastically reduce the costs and improve the quality of the Finance & Accounting function?

Kicking-off repeatedly one-off restructuring programs is worrying you?

Before jumping to a solution that could create a lot of turmoil in the organization and distract your finance team it is critical to perform an evaluation of the Finance Organization.

Our proven experience can guide you in performing a targeted and effective Finance Organization Assessment axed on the critical success drivers.

Finance Process & Operating Model Assessment?

Are your Finance processes and Operating Model reliable?

Do you feel that the high complexity is preventing you to improve your operating framework?

Our proven experience will support you in reviewing your current processes, identifying improvement opportunities and guiding you through the change management & communication process required to implement them and make them operational across the entire organization.

Finance Transformation & Change Management?

In the current business environment the ability to adapt and anticipate trends is a critical success factor that makes Change a constant part of our professional experience.

Driving the Change agenda is critical and is a key success factor of any transformation initiative.

We can help your Finance Organization to manage a changing environment by applying successful Change Management methodologies and adapting the Communication and Stakeholders Engagement process carefully to your specific business.

M&A Feasibility Studies?

Acquiring an existing business and developing new Joint Venture partnerships are great opportunities for companies to grow in size and leverage the know-how and experience developed by other companies.

The due diligence, however, is key in identifying both the potential financial synergies and the cultural fit with the business to potentially acquire.

We have extensive experience in running due diligence processes for acquisition and divestitures and can support you in valuing also the soft aspects related a potential M&A activity.

Corporate Tax Model Optimization?

Expanding in different geographies and countries is giving companies opportunities to grow in new markets and leverage the know-how and experience developed in existing territories to new horizons.

Have you looked at the importance of matching your legal structure in place with the Corporate Tax framework? Have you considered alternative Tax model structures, such as Limited Risk Distributors, to limit potential tax exposures in the local countries you operate?

Shared Services Strategic Advice?

The Shared Services arena has significantly evolved and a great expertise has been developed in the market, providing the opportunity to any company to consider the creation of Shared Services, either in a captive or outsourced form, as a possible alternative to drive standardization, cost efficiency and excellence in execution of transactional activities.

We have been working with different players on the Shared Services arena and can successfully guide you in defining your Shared Services blueprint and in choosing the best external partner that could better fit your needs.


How can we help you finding the right solutions?

Finance Analytics & Management Information Tools Development?

Do you have the impression that the budgeting and reporting activities are taking up a lot of time and effort in your organization, without driving added value to the business?

We support you in mapping your current processes and in identifying solutions that drive effectiveness and create value for the business, making you win and outpass competition.

Governance Risk Compliance (GRC) Framework?

Regardless of the operating system you use for performing your transactions, it is important for every company to have a proper monitoring of the system accesses in place and to minimize any risk in governance and compliance.

We guide you in choosing the proper Governance Risk Compliance (GRC) tool and in implementing it successfully throughout your organization in a reliable and sustainable manner.

Tax Compliance Framework?

Do you face a tax audit? Would you like to validate your current tax framework and ensure that it is compliant with the latest legislation developments in a given European country?

We can review your business processes and internal control framework and propose actions that mitigate the potential risks embedded in your current tax compliance framework profile.

Cash & Treasury Management Solutions?

Cash is king! How do you measure success in your business? Is your organization giving enough focus to the cash generation linked to your top line and profit performance?

Making cash a key business driver requires you to have the tools and processes in place to allow increased company focus on cash generation. We are able to map your current cash conversion processes and identify solutions to increase the cash focus across the organization and drive cash oriented cultural behaviours.

Infrastructure Support to International Go-to-Market Expansion?

Expanding in different geographies and countries is giving companies opportunities to grow in new markets, leveraging the acquired know-how to new horizons.

What business model fits better with your ambitions and is aligned with the level of investment you are ready to engage? Local 3rd party distributors, joint-ventures with local players, opening local representative offices and setting up your own affiliate are amongst the possible options.

We offer you capabilities to define the infrastructure requirements related to each option. We support you in defining a roadmap and in delivering the key milestones and we make your set-up sustainable for the future.

Finance Outsourcing?

Would you like to explore the possibility of outsourcing part of your finance & accounting transactional activities to avoid having to maintain the technical knowledge internally?

We can support you in aligning potential outsourcing options with your targeted Finance & Accounting strategy.


How can we service your needs?

Finance Project Management?

Are you kicking off a new project that requires Project Management expertise in the Finance & Accounting area?

We offer you well experienced project management capabilities that drive value and make you win in the project execution.

Shared Services Project Management?

Have you kicked-off your Shared Services journey?

We offer you a professional and experienced project management stewardship of your Shared Services project execution, whilst ensuring that an adequate communication program is in place to keep key stakeholders informed and aligned all along the transformation.

Post Merger Integration Project Management?

After any M&A activity is completed, the complex and challenging integration process starts.

We have developed proven experience in operating as the buying company, as well as the selling company. We offer you advice on the technical finance aspects related to the integration, as well as on the 'soft' cultural elements, that are often underestimated and create resistance to a smooth journey and to delivering the targeted synergies.

M&A Due Diligence?

Are you in the process of acquiring or disposing of a business?

A well-managed due diligence process is the first step that allows you to avoid making mistakes in your final evaluation and decision taking. We provide you analytical capabilities and a framework that helps you in valuing the soft cultural aspects related to the potential M&A transaction.

Finance Budgeting & Reporting?

Do you believe Finance is acting as a true business partner in translating business opportunities into a robust Finance Budgeting process? Are you tracking your business performance against Budget through your Reporting process in a target-oriented way? Have you established an iterative process focused on identifying risks and opportunities and do you develop actionable plans against them?

We have developed over 20 years experience in Budgeting and Reporting and can train your teams in upgrading their current skill set and operate as winners in a dynamic business environment.

Finance Interim Management?

Do you need to assure a temporary cover for a key leadership finance role in your organization?

We provide you the right level of experience to fit your needs, as well as a fully documented process to take over the role and transfer it back at a later stage, once the final solution has been identified.


How can we help you in answering your office accommodation requirements?

Office Location Selection?

Are you in the process of setting up new offices? Are you planning to move your existing offices to a different location to increase efficiency and employee productivity?

The choice of the location in terms of accessibility and environmental impact is a key factor to be considered in the selection. Market prices for offices do not always account for future trends and developments of the transportation system.

We offer you thorough analytical capabilities, matching the external market conditions with your specific requirements and driving immediate and future savings.

Real Estate Project Management?

Are you kicking off a new real estate project related to expanding or changing your office footprint? Do you want to take this opportunity to ''GREEN YOUR OFFICE'' (a) and implement solutions improving employee engagement and fostering internal communication?

We offer you experienced project management capabilities, capable of driving the change to a sustainable and environmental friendly office space.

(a) Green Office is a practical environmental management system for offices. It helps to you to reduce the ecological footprint and greenhouse gas emissions of your office. Source:

Office Fit-out Optimization?

What kind of vision do you have in terms of future developments of your organization? Would you like a flexible solution allowing you to meet potential future requirements? Are you ready to embrace a new holistic vision and start your journey to the ''SMART OFFICE'' concept, releasing in full the potential of your workforce?

A creative work environment helps stimulate minds and inspire innovation. We offer you solutions that provide flexibility, increase employee engagement and maximize your sustainability footprint.

Facility Management?

Would you like to review the cost of your office service function, in relation to resources engaged and level of service provided both internally and externally?

We propose solutions that are targeted at reducing unnecessary costs, whilst improving your sustainability footprint.